Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Beethoven's Big Break review

For a family that doesn't watch a lot of TV, a family movie night is a very special treat.

Since we have three children under the age of six, we usually watch cartoons movies, on family movie night. We make some popcorn, drag the kid's pillows down to the family room, and snuggle closely as we tune in.

Last weekend we watched Beethoven's Big Break which I thought everyone would love because it involved a lot of animals. What I learned... that Jay, a mature 6 year old, LOVED venturing out of cartoons and into a more realistic film. The girls, 4 and 1, not so much.

Jay sat throughout the entire movie laughing at the pet lizard, on the edge of his seats during the skateboard scenes, and laughed out loud at all of Beethoven's mishaps. He. Loved. It. And so did we, in the midst of running after the girls.

So, all in all, Jay gives this movie two thumbs up for making him laugh. Here is one of his most favorite clips of how Beethoven gets his name:

Which he wants to watch over, and over again, the kid is in love with the dog and in love with filling his home with animals like the main character has.

Cute movie. Classy. Cute. A very nice family movie night for children 6+

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Every Day Goddess said...

Love the Beethoven movies. My oldest who is 19 now loved the first Beethoven. Now my youngest watchs the same movie. They are alot of fun!